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All Sophians’ Festival(ホームカミングデー)初イベント開催

All Sophians’ Festival(ホームカミングデー)において、同窓会発足以来、初めて実際に集まるイベントを開催することになりました。皆さんのご参加をお待ちしております!

場所: 2号館406教室

13:30~14:30 講演会「環境に配慮したキャンプ ~キャンプは楽しく、環境に優しく~」 会長 高野新平


14:45~15:00 会員大会「地球環境学研究科同窓会2022度活動報告及び2023年度活動予定」 副会長 林素子
15:00~16:00 懇親会

Our first in-person event hosted by the Alumni Association will take place at the All Sophians’ Festival (Homecoming Day) as follows.

Date and time: Sunday 28 May 2023, 13:30-16:00
Place: Room 406, Building 2, Sophia University, Yotsuya Campus
No application required / Free of charge / Free to enter and leave during the event at any time

The program is as follows:

l  13:30-14:30 Lecture titled “Environmentally friendly camping – Camping is fun and environmentally friendly” by the chairman Shimpei Takano.
★In response to the unprecedented camping boom, the Chairman of our Graduate School Alumni Association, who is also the Chairman of the Kanagawa Prefecture Camping Association, will speak. Let’s learn about eco-friendly camping together. (Everyone is welcome to attend)

l  Break (15 min)

l  14:45-15:00 Member conference “Activity report of the Graduate School of Global Environmental Studies Alumni Association 2022 and planned activities for 2023” by Vice-President Motoko Hayashi
l  15:00-16:00 Reception
★Let’s deepen our connections at the Alumni Association! Please note that after the break, only alumni, current students, faculty and staff of the Graduate School may attend.